Hi-point pistols cracked slide

And lifetime means just that free repairs for the life of the gun, whether you are the first owner, or the third. I thought shed like a 9mm plinker but she said shed rather stick with her m1 carbine. When they do, hipoint customers enjoy a lifetime, noquestionsasked warranty. Fixes to the safety, trigger, trigger mechanism, and slide, that together converted a notatallfuntoshoot. If any hi point firearm is ever need of service, please call 8774254867. The slide was cracked open and peeled back and mangled. Damage, age, plain old wear and tear these things happen. Zamak has plenty of strength, but its brittle crack propogation properties are lousy. Designed with chrome detailing along the slide, this pistol is made with a highimpact polymer frame, a 3. But 9mm makarov is about the most energetic you can make a blowback pistol and have it light enough to carry comfortably the slides of the hi point 9x19. The slide is less dense than steel, and there has to be quite a bit of mass for a 9mm or especially a. They are very inexpensive, constructed using polymers and alloyed metals as much as possible, resulting in a reduction of production costs and sale price.

American rifleman hipoint firearms and the man behind them. Thank you again posted on 10282017 great price awesome service wentzville mo. Eventually my worry about the crack spreading and the slide sending bits of itself into my hands and face outweighed my concerns of having just. We are taking steps to keep our employees safe during these crazy times.

An easy and cheap way to dress up that hipoint nobles law firm. Hipoint think twice before you sell or scrap that old hi. I have been having some problems with my hipoint c9. Hipoint firearms link central, pistols and carbines. Hipoint semiautomatic pistols are polymerframed and generally regarded as simple, inexpensive handguns, which tradeoff aesthetics for lower manufacturing cost.

This is why the hipoints frame is uniformly thick, doesnt. It will not likely maintain that level of accuracy as well as its competitors, it was not designed for long service. The weight of the slide and the blowback operation mean that the slide has to crash back like a freight train. So, what do you do if the gun has been broken in, the clips have been tuned and the hipoint still. Pistol grip parts for hipoint for sale in stock ebay. The current models ts have a newly designed stock and are available in. All of those things and probably others contribute to a a slide that has been stressed to the point of metal fatigue and a crack occurs, often at the front left corner or on the side at the bottom front corner. It would not chamber rounds properly and causes jams ftl, fte problems. See more ideas about hi point firearms, firearms and hand guns.

Forums firearms manufacturers hipoint hipoint think twice before you sell or scrap that old hipoint discussion in. Hipoint magazines are interchangeable between the carbines and pistols. I have a hi point 9mm carbine, 40 cal pistol hi point, and now the c9. Atop the pistol sits the monstrous slide that offends so many shooters. In addition to its great stock, hipoint incorporated tons of great. Jun 25, 2017 the slide is heavier than other pistols due to the blowback method used to operate the weapon. Its cheap because produced on a large scale with cheap parts and minimal quality control.

Whether you are the original purchaser, or a thirdhand owner, your hi point firearm will be repaired free of charge. Cracked slide on my jhp hipoint firearms forum the community. Dec 26, 2010 blowbacks arent limited to low pressure rounds. Out of the box again i complement the creators and employees of hi point firearms for a well made firearm.

Semiautomatic single action with an 8round capacity. Some grips stick to the basics and focus primarily on functionality. Home forums hipoint firearms discussion hipoint pistols cracked slide on my jhp discussion in hipoint pistols started by dukenukum, mar 8, 2009. She absolutely hated the bolt handle and found the gun difficult to operate. Ohiobased hipoint has been delivering an assortment of pistols and. Ive heard nothing but fantastic things about their customer service. In 2019, hi point took the firearms industry by storm, and collectively had fans yeeting over their new pistol, which will be dubbed the yeet cannon g2. This is the standard, first gen hi point c9 with a different slide option. All firearms parts should be inspected and installed by a competent gunsmith.

Hi point c9 9mm a good, cheap gun gunsamerica digest. We will do our best to provide efficient repair turnarounds. That huge, heavy slide is what slides backward when the gun is fired and puts the. May 23, 2011 hey lee i have to agree with you about the higher price pistols. In that situation, i wouldnt repair a cracked slide by welding for a customer. Hipoint customs unique hipoint pistol the firearm blog. The pistols just get kind of ridiculous looking when you try too pull it off.

Went out to breakfast this morning and some one noticed my my gun and called the cops. What is the best hi point firearm to purches the 380. The mosquito is spendy compared with a couple of others i have, phoenix, hi point, arminius. While they may not be the prettiest pistols, nor the lighest, they are tough. Jul 25, 2011 the c9 is an upgrade from older generation hipoint pistols. Nov 08, 2014 fixes to the safety, trigger, trigger mechanism, and slide, that together converted a notatallfuntoshoot. Hi point factory cf 380 caliber semi auto slide, barrel, recoil spring hi point factory cf 380 acp caliber semi auto slide take off. The hi point firearms 9mm pistol features a polymer frame with a powdercoat finish and an onoff thumb safety.

Watch out for the recoil spring under the barrel in the front. These types of grips are usually black and made from textured rubber. Hi point had broken rear sight on a 995 carbine, they sent me the complete sight, not just the blade. All hi point firearms carry a lifetime, noquestions asked warranty. I wasnt a big hi point fan but after this im starting to think that while they may not be the best gun on the market they have the best warranty by far. The weight and grip size of the pistols gives the user a very confident grip.

Everything you need to keep your favorite hipoint clean and in mint condition is here with our new bulletshaped gun cleaning kit. The new hipoint logo embedded bulletproof whiskey glass is the perfect giftfor you or for the hipoint fan in your life. Hipoint cf380 two tone semi auto for sale mks cf380. Being blowbackoperated, hi points rely on slide mass to keep the. Cracked slide on my jhp discussion in hipoint pistols started by dukenukum, mar 8, 2009.

Hipoint firearms forum the community for hipoint owners. Each handgun has a highimpact polymer frame with highimpact grips with a durable, attractive easygrip finish which assures a firm, comfortable grip and exceptional recoil control. Hipoint firearms, is a firearms manufacturer based in mansfield, ohio. How precise is a hipoint pistol compared to other handguns. It has a quick onoff thumb safety, magazine disconnect safety and last round lock open feature. Hi point model jhp extra ghost ring sight, trigger lock, and one 9 round magazine b935519. The hi point is fine for some range time or plinking, but i would never trust it as a home defense weapon. I will so impressed with the 995ts when i shot it that i decided to try the pistols. Includes an 8round magazine, an extra rear peep sight and a trigger lock. All hipoint firearms are covered by our industryleading lifetime warranty. My phoenix had a broken slide, sent back to company, every thing went smooth, it came back with new slide.

The slide is pot metal, which is one reason they are so bulky. Always make sure your hipoint pistol is unloaded and that the slide is locked. The c9 is an upgrade from older generation hipoint pistols. But right now, for a limited time, you can own the special edition c9 yeet cannon g1. I actually tested the hipoint collection in 9mm, 40, and 45. May 05, 2019 hi point firearms has announced a new pistol that will offer significant updates to their popular 916 series of pistols. Hipoint think twice before you sell or scrap that old. A variety of materials are used in the construction of grips for hipoint pistols. Hi point magazines are interchangeable between the carbines and pistols. Hi point produces affordable, americanmade firearms featuring 100% american parts and assembly. Although its not the most attractive carbine on the market, the 3895ts is still pretty sweet. Outfitted with an allweather, blackmolded polymer, skeletonized stock, this gun can handle it all.

The hipoint carbine is a series of pistolcaliber carbines manufactured by hipoint firearms chambered, for 9. The slide is very large making it impractical for carry. I especially enjoyed the mild recoil with hot loads on 9mm. See more ideas about hi point firearms, guns and firearms. A hipoint 995 carbine torture test great satan, inc. They manufacture lowcost pistols and carbines, in the following calibers. If your firearm needs service you must contact us first before shipping your firearm. Its a semiauto, strikerfired pistol with a singleaction trigger press mated with a manual safety lever located on the left side of the frame. Physical traits aside, its also had reliability issues with ftes and ftfs, light primer strikes, etc. That information is reliefstamped in black on the slide, but i think that information looks a lot better when its painted white and brought out. Cracked slide on my jhp hipoint firearms forum the.

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